Few new upgrades to the site!

* First I added a caching system via Hyper Cache to wordpress.  What this does is makes “static” pages saved in regular HTML and sends those to you before trying to do all the php stuff.  The static html stuff goes MUCH faster than php.  Php stuff makes the server look up things and calculate and whatnot… like a program really… so it stresses the server out and when you’ve got lots of folks trying to do that at once… bad things happen.  Html on the other hand is like a snapshot so it doesn’t make the server think and you get your stuff asap without any server stress!  Yay!  So this should make everything go faster!!

* Second, because of the caching, there are a few bugs… I’m working out getting the new pages to come out at midnight EST on the right days… but if it caches the page, then it doesn’t say there’s a new version soon enough, so it won’t look like I updated.  I’m going to stick with Hyper for a little longer to see if I can fix this, otherwise, I’ll have to find a new one.

* Third… well… one of those caching bugs is that it kills all my old polls!  That’s cause the old ones are php based, so I went with Polldaddy now, which is javascript and wont get messed up by all my caching shenanigans.  Only downside is that it wont make an archive and I’ll either have to close the old ones or remake them… idk…

* Lastly, I added both ContextWeb and Google AdSense ads to that top space.  If you only see my banner for “gaming + geeking” then you’ve got some kind of ad blocker set up… booo… lol, but yeah.  This will help generate a little more cache cash my way.  The only issue I’ve seen is that some ads appear a bit funky and moved over or down by 2-10 pixels… don’t know how to fix that yet.  Just seems to only be on some of the flash ads.  However, I mostly see issues on Internet Explorer… best way to fix this is to download and use Fire Fox!  Not sure on Opera, Chrome, or Safari, but uh… no reason anyone should be using anything other than FF now a days, so… go get it!  XD