Hey gang!  Just wanted to update y’all on all the goings ons over here in Coffinland!  Just finished my first week of my new job!  Good times!  Doing online marketing stuffs which is pretty fun.  Kinda had a bunch of experience doing that for my sites here.  Pretty slick huh?  And all the folks there are super nice!  And there’s coffee in the mornings!  Woot!

So, for the week after I’m not doing so bad with my updates!  Got a new schedule here at CC; Mondays and Thursdays.  And I want to try and do a review every week or 2 if I can.  Also, I have 3 reviews up now… more to come!  Still needs work though.  And What’s Shakin’ just had it’s 101st comic!  Craziness!  I think I’ll be fine with getting all of these out on time so no fears about my comics going away or on hiatus.  There may be times where I will need to take a week off or something because things get crazy, but I’ll stay in touch here on my blog to give y’all a heads up.

For right now, I’m still signed up for Megacon on March 15-17, 2013 in Orlando, FL.  Pretty sure I’ll be able to take that Friday off by then so hopefully there won’t be any disruption in that schedule… and I hope I’ll be able to attend even more!  >D

Think I’ll work a bit on my “steamboat” series to have more of those at the show, but I’m also considering doing commissions for my “comicbook” style for stuff like peoples’ mmo characters and whatnots… idk yet… maybe.  >)