LFWThat’s right boys and girls!  Coffinshaker is on the hunt once again.  So I am reaching out to you, my peoples, for a helping hand.  If anyone out there in WoW-land happens to need a Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Marketing Guru, or Photographer; then I’m your guy!

So with no further ado, I give you… my shameless self promotion:

Hello, I am Shawn and the following is why your company can not live without me.  >)

I have a strong artistic and business background that gives me an edge when it comes to marketing and product development.  I have some wicked design skills and a knowledgeable background in consumer marketing, product costing, and legal/compliance requirements both domestic and international; all giving me a killer combination when it comes to graphic development and marketing.

What do I want? Simple really, a position as a Creative Director / Graphic Designer for a small to medium sized company.  Something in Packaging Design (and by that, I mean art design) or In-House Graphics would be outstanding!  I’ve done it all from developing products, to making Plan-O-Grams, to advertising, and the marketing of those products. Graphics-wise, I can make mailers, catalogs, fliers, websites, product packages, and any other marketing materials you need.

I especially enjoy multinational settings where I have a special knack for working with other countries / cultures.  Have done a LOT of work communicating (well, in English) with Chinese printing and fabrication factories.

So if you have read this far and don’t completely think I’m an insane art guy… or do think so and like it… either way, download my super official resume PDF and share with your boss or HR manager for a chance to add such an awesome dude to your own office team!

DOWNLOAD Shawn’s Awesome Resume!!